Quartz counter top installation

My wife and I are about to undertake a remodel of the kitchen in our bungalow style house. We plan to use a quartz type of material (brand name Cambria) for the counter tops and would be grateful for recommendations of high quality and reliable fabricators and installers. Many thanks.

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We went through Costco to have Cambria counters installed and loved our experience. They contract through a local company, but you get a nice cash rebate from Costco. I highly recommend looking into this if you know you want Cambria. 

 SO HAPPY with my beautiful new  kitchen countertops !!! We used Bay Full Construction ( bayfullconstruction [at] gmail.com)  to install a quartz countertop in our kitchen. Michael and his team did great work ,very carefully, and keep everything super clean. Excellent company with a very reasonable price and professional workers. Michael (510) 265-9399.

Highly recommend Sullivan Countertops in Oakland.  We remodeled our kitchen 2 years ago and had a great experience with their customer service, prompt responses and the detail and time they took with the measuring and installation.  Our Cambria came with some stains that were in the end permanent but Sullivan handled the situation with professionalism. 

Costco! Couldn’t be happier with our new Cambria counters.