Public vs Private Schools in California

Dear Parents,

My kid is still young but i'm debating whether to send him to a public or private school. I live in tai-valley and public schools are good/ok. However, I feel like California generally doesn't have good public school system compared against east coast. Any advices based on your personal experiences? Thank you for sharing!

Parent Replies

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Our daughter, who is now a junior in college, went to public schools in Berkeley K-12; she, and we, wouldn't trade that experience for the world. Not only did she have fantastic teachers, she learned things she would never have experienced in private school. When she arrived at college she was better prepared than a number of her new acquaintances who attended private schools. 

Our kids are still under three, but we've also been having Big Conversations about where to send them to school. And while it's not a direct answer to your question, I highly recommend checking out the podcast Nice White Parents: (...especially in light of everything that's unfolded this year with BLM and larger conversations about real social change/equity.)

For us, it's become a much broader conversation than just the quality of education we want our girls to receive and more about the role we're playing in shaping the society our girls are raised in - and how our decision to send them to private v. public school impacts others.