Psychoeducational Eval for College Accommodations for Dyslexia?

Hi All,

My h.s. senior is applying to college! He has always had an IEP in Oakland Unified for specific learning disability (dyslexia). His testing is more than 3 years old. It looks like I will need to get him evaluated privately to qualify him for accommodations in college. Can anyone recommend an agency or individual who won't be super expensive? (I don't think the school will provide the testing because they are trying to "exit" him from services.)

Thank you!!

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UC Berkeley will do testing as will the Ann Martin Center (sliding scale).

I believe they need to eval him in order to exit. You might want to check on the process. 

Yes, you've got to set up the testing on your own.  The school should, if they're conscientious, provide you with names of people who do the testing.

Be sure to request accommodation for both the SAT and ACT tests.  Accommodation for the ACT is more useful to most students, but is also harder to obtain from the test-maker.

Raymond Barglow

East Bay Family Institute has a wonderful technician, Liz Walser.

Five years ago we paid $1500. 

I've used Clearwater Assessment for my children.  I won't say it's cheap but it's relatively reasonable.

We used UC Berkeley for our student who had a 504 plan in high school. The tester seemed very aware of the accommodations that would be needed for going to a UC (early registration, extended time on testing, lower course load.)  Sliding scale.