Psychiatrist taking new (bi-polar) patients urgently needed!

We have called countless doctors from the insurance list, and are desperate to find a local (east bay or SF) psychiatrist to help our (adult) niece, who is currently medicated for bi-polar and managing well.

Many do not have openings for months, but she needs to be able to continue her (temporary) prescription and cannot wait that long because it will run out. Any referrals or advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Information about temporary/bridge access to psychiatric medication would also be so helpful. This is new to us. Thank you!

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One of my family members is a patient of Gut Feelings Psychosomatic Medicine in Oakland. The doctor offers both virtual care and in-person in an office on Pill Hill (Oakland). We were in a similar situation and were able to set up a virtual visit efficiently by calling the office. Their number is 415-735-6453. You can also reach out to their office coordinator directly at ops [at] I do not know how temporary or bridge medication access works with the practice, but they will be able to tell you more. Our insurance was covered here.

A primary provider should be able to take care of the rx for you! 

This sounds so frustrating! Her primary care doctor might be able to prescribe her medication while you wait for a psychiatrist. My son was able to do that for a different psychiatric diagnosis. He really liked the psychiatrist we eventually found at Bay Well Psychiatry in Berkeley. 

Dr. Philip Shain. (psychiatrist) He saw my child online and when we had to move insurance he continued to see her until we had a new doc. who could prescribe the meds. He takes Kaiser and other insurance as well. We paid out of pocket for a while and it wasn't bad. 


I am no expert in this but whoever gave the initial prescription should be able to renew it without a big consult. For a relatively common diagnosis like bipolar I would also think a primary care doctor could write a stopgap renewal until she can meet a psychiatrist.

If you're in Contra Costa county you can go to George and Cynthia Miller Wellness Center. 

I've been there with my son and they were very helpful getting him prescriptions for his medication.

We had no appointment and just walked in on a Saturday.  They saved me.

Also you can contact NAMI for more help and suggestions.