Prospect Sierra's smaller than usual kindergarten cohort?

i'd like to learn more about why Prospect Sierra's kindergarten cohort for 2019-2020 is smaller than usual. From what I understand, there is one class of kids as opposed to the usual two classes. The school said it was due to there being fewer siblings than usual, but that didn't exactly make sense to me, as I would assume they could admit more non-siblings in that circumstance (and perhaps not have two full classes, but come close).

Can anyone shed light on this situation? Is there typically more than one full class' worth of siblings in each kindergarten cohort? Is it a one-off situation or more of a longer term trend? Does anyone have an idea about Prospect Sierra's 2020/2021 kindergarten cohort size? Thanks! 

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Thank you for posting - I thought I would answer this question as the parent of a TK child at Prospect Sierra; my son will be in Kindergarten at Prospect Sierra in August. I hope to get the opportunity to meet you! I also have two older kids at Prospect Sierra who were both in PS kindergarten classes that had the usual two classes.

While it is true that in 2019-20, PS only has one K class, this is definitely not usual, and next year, the school is planning for two classes. There will be more siblings in the upcoming K cohort, the TK students at Prospect Sierra, like my son, will transition to K next year (this was the first year that Prospect Sierra had a TK class), and PS has had a good amount of interest from new families in the community as well. 

You are right - this year's K class did have very few siblings compared to past years - however, it is important to know that PS does not admit kids just to fill the seats but the school wants to make sure that we have mission aligned families and students. You really feel that when you are in the community!

Please feel free to contact me if you want to talk more.