Prospect Sierra Middle School Qs

Can't believe fall admissions season is almost here! We are wondering about Prospect Sierra for an entering 5th versus 6th grader. How many new kids enter middle school in each cohort? Is it better to start in 5th or 6th, socially speaking? What percentage of the class continues to middle school from the elementary school? How cliquey are the girls - can a new girl ever find friends?  Before I go to the info sessions, thought I would ask the wisdom of the crowd. Thank you!

Parent Replies

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My son moved to Prospect Sierra this last year for the 5th grade. It was a great experience.  We are so glad we made the change after agonizing about whether to do it all last summer.  The school was welcoming, attentive to his needs, and he's made a great group of friends. We're glad we did it at the 5th grade because it's a transition for all of the 5th graders to the upper campus (the lower school only goes up to 4th grade), and he had a smaller group to get to know before the big influx of kids at the 6th grade level. 

There were only a handful of new kids in the 5th grade; almost all of the elementary kids move up to the middle school.  Spots will be limited, so I wouldn't count on there being a seat in the 5th grade.  I can't speak to what it would be like to move in at the 6th grade or what's happening with the girls, but you are welcome to contact me directly to talk more.  I found it very helpful to talk to others when we were going through the same process.  Christina 718.736.3328 

Usually K-5 have two classes in each grade, 24 students per class when fully enrolled.  At 6th grade, the school adds a new class of 24.  So theoretically, 33% students in 6th grade are new from other schools, and 67% are continuing students from the elementary school.  But in reality, the two classes from K-5 may not be fully enrolled or a few students move out, so you end up have more than 33% new students coming in.  In my experience, a high percentage of class continues because PS is really an outstanding school.  Entering at 5th grade may or may not be possible depending on the available space and how many kids move out of the area at the end of the 4th grade.  Some years you may have 3-4 spaces, and others 0.  6th grade is always a good entering year. Yes, a new girl can absolutely find friends---half of the incoming new 6th graders are girls, and many continuing girls are eager to know and interact with new kids.  Overall we found the social atmosphere at PS is really good, with little cliques, at least much less than other schools.  Of course it also depends on the cohort--some years are better than others.  In my daughter's year, the social dynamics was really great.  But she told me that the year after hers was not as nice.  The administration did a good job trying to educate the kids about social emotional behavior, and the teachers keep a close eye on how kids interact with each other.  

Our child attended PSS from K to 8. Perhaps 30 kids join in 5th to 6th grade. It is always very exciting when new kids  come each year and I truly think the prior kids like having new kids to mix up the dynamic. 

I would say 80-90% of kids stay from the lower campus to the upper campus (5-8th). I don't think the kids are super cliquey but I know social things can vary from year to year. Look for a school that feels like a good fit. Good luck.