Property manager for novice landlords

Recently my husband and I ended up as co-owners of a 3BR 2.5BA townhouse in Hercules, after buying out his former co-owner.  We’ve never been in the position of landlord before, and we’ll need to rent this place out (it’s currently vacant) in order to afford to keep it.  The rental market is so complex and our investment in this property is significant, so it just seems like a reliable and trustworthy property manager would be well worth the cost.  Any recommendations would be much appreciated.  

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A property manager will cost you up to 20% of your monthly rent - if that's a number you can do, super! If not, it's not brain surgery to be a landlord - I highly recommend the Nolo books on Tenant/Landlord agreements for all the current information and of course research your city's rental code. Good luck!

I would highly recommend Frank Hennefer. He just helped us rent our place. He does the background checks, sets up the viewings, and is also a property manager. He is very knowledgeable and an all around nice guy. You can contact him at (510) 485-7235 and fhennefer [at]