Progressive Elementary School for Oakland kindergartener

Hello parents,

We are new to the area, just moved from SF to North Oakland. My daughter is currently enrolled in a progressive charter school in SF (Kinder). I need to transfer her within the next month to an Oakland school. We bought in Bushrod thinking Peralta was our school, but found out we are a block out of the border. 

Where else do you suggest for a progressive education? We are not looking to spend too much on a private school. We did tour Walden and I like it. Anyone have thoughts regarding Walden or other suggestions?

thank you in advance!

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My two kids went through Walden and are now in an arts school and a private boys middle school. (Two different schools) they thrived at Walden and love Walden! The bar was set high getting them into middle school and thankfully it has been met! Walden teachers, staff and kids can’t be beat. The arts, the collaborate learning, outside time, etc are special. You will not be unhappy with choosing Walden. You can contact me if you want to talk more.

There are lots of good schools in Oakland besides Peralta. And if you are looking to start Peralta in 1st grade as opposed to kinder, there just might be a spot for you. But also consider: Chabot, Kaiser, and Glenview at Santa Fe (though I guess they'll be moving back to their old site soon).

Walden is a wonderful, small, and often overlooked progressive school with a large emphasis on the arts. Our three children went to Walden and I highly recommend it. It’s a place where kids are able to be kids, learn in a supportive environment with small class size, and have fun while still being well prepared for middle and high school. Kids are taught to think critically and be kind to others. I’d be happy to talk more and answer any questions you have, so feel free to DM me. My kids are now 14, 21, and 24 and thriving:)