Programs/Care for Pre-K boys who like to play!

We've just moved to Berkeley from the East Coast (hooray!) and would love some insight on program/school/care options for preschoolers.  My boys (age 3 & 5) are home with me during the day.  I would LOVE maybe 2/3 mornings a week to drop them somewhere where they can play with other kids.  The boys are bright and very energetic, and we would strongly prefer that they spend this time socializing/playing/being outside rather than sitting/working on pre-academic skills.  We'd love your insight.  Thank you!

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Check out the East Bay Waldorf in El Sobrante.  The kids work on social skills and spend a ton of time outdoors.  It was a good fit for my high energy little ones.  

Albany Preschool, it is a parent coop. Depending on the numbers of mornings a parent would need to participate weekly or biweekly. Just north of Berkeley. I am sure there are such places in Berkeley as well.

Check Albany Preschool's afternoon program, they may still have open slots.  This is a parent cooperative, but the PM program doesn't require participation.