Parent participation programs for children under 2

Is anyone aware of playgroups or toddler programs where the parent goes and stays with the child throughout the day (or half day)? I would like my child to go to a playgroup but don’t think she’s ready to be left anywhere without a parent. She’s 20.5 months. Outdoor or indoor is fine. Thanks 

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Try Epworth Playgroup in North Berkeley.  It is held at the Epworth Church and is, I think, once a week in the morning.  It's been going on for many years and is low key and fun, and the adult stays with the child.  I took my two granddaughters there 6 and 11 years ago, and we all loved it.

Contact Rockin Kids Sing Along!!  You won’t regret it!  This has been the best program for my little one!  Stephanie is amazing!!

Yes, there is the PACT program at Broadway children’s school :) I just signed us up to start next year. Hoping it will be a nice transition, sort of a pre-preschool. So far they have been lovely to work with. 

I have a great recommendation although it isn't a half-day. MCPC co-op preschool offers a 'Toddler Playtime' program that is exactly this. Kids ages 18-36 months go with a caregiver and have access to a preschool space without all the bigger kids. I took both of my children and it was one of their favorite things. They always have art and sensory activities available, a great playground, and lots of different toys or building materials to explore. One of the teachers from the preschool facilitates. It's a great experience and I highly recommend it!

Wanted to add another recommendation for the play groups at 9 year old fondly still calls it “kids and chickens” lol

Super sweet, we all loved it!

Tot Time through the San Leandro Adult School was fantastic (!  I met so many other parents and caregivers in the neighborhood and learned so much about my child through the program.  The program has been on hiatus due to COVID but if you can snag a spot, it was really an amazing experience.