Pro bono real estate lawyer for refugee housing?

We are hoping to donate use of our vacant apartment in Berkeley to an organization supporting Afghan refugees, for use as housing for 6+ months. Does anyone know a real estate attorney who would be willing to donate her/his time to help us make sure we're doing the donation/agreement properly? We want to make sure we're in line with Berkeley rental codes and do not want to create a landlord-tenant relationship. The organization we're working with, Jewish Family and Community Services East Bay, may be familiar with such an arrangement but we want to take it off their plate if they aren't. And figure it out ahead of time so that they can move quickly. Thank you, generous East Bay community!

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If you are in Berkeley by law you will have to abide by Berkeley Rent Control laws.  Legally you cannot avoid being landlord and registering your property and the refugees with the city.

You are being very generous, but I would not even consider doing this. Once you allow someone to move in, Berkeley Rent Control laws are in full effect.  Under Berkeley law, your refugees will have a legal right to stay as long as they like and have the protection of the city's team of lawyers and non-profit pro tenant organizations.

Berkeley has resulted in some crazy situations. Landlord who have pay $125,000 for people to move. And just a few months ago, a BPN member said they purchased a house in Berkeley which came with a non-paying tenant living in one of the bedrooms in the house.

If you lived in almost any other city this would be easy to do....  But not in Berkeley.

If someone is living on your property, even if they do not pay rent, you have a landlord-tenant relationship. It can take time and money to get rid of squatters. Rent control makes it difficult to help people. Your only possible out is to create a roommate situation. Set up an office in the apartment, for instance, and use it regularly. Make sure that you go in the kitchen, if only to make a cup of tea. And use the bathroom, too. You could turn this into an excuse to socialize and get to know them a little better.