Private swim lessons

Hi All,

My 5 year old has refused all attempts at swim lessons because he doesn’t want to go in the pool without a parent. We live in Berkeley. Anyone know of nearby options for private swim where a parent could join? We have tried to get into Albany private swim but they seem to go first to residents, and the local public pools don’t allow us to bring in an outside private instructor. Thanks !

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Private swim lessons (Jun 22, 2024)

I struggled for many years and private lessons are so extremely difficult to find. I ended up renting a pool through Swimply and hired a teacher separately through Nextdoor. Basically I posted an ad for swim teachers. The pool was just for us and with no one else around, our fearful child was able to become water safe after about 6 lessons. ( slow by many other kids’ standards) I was able to stay in the pool if child wanted me to. We also focused our vacations on places with pools so that kid continued to have fun practicing various swimming skills. 

Very expensive and logistically difficult. But, I no longer fear child drowning.