Private Schools offering online-only instruction

This pertains to High School, Middle School and Elementary.  Are there any private schools who have decided not to pursue in-class instruction during Covid, presumably until there is a vaccine?  We are really unhappy with the online option our school is offering now that some kids have returned to in-person instruction, and the public schools don't seem to yet have their act fully together even though they are all online.  My impression is that all private schools are doing some hybrid thing right now.  I'm wondering if any are sticking to online-only.

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I'm sure there are a few options out there. We love Fusion Global Academy.  (It's distinct but related to the Fusion Academy centers that are in Walnut Creek and other locations around the Bay and actually throughout the country)  Everything is 100% virtual, 1:1, mastery based, and individualized to our child's level. Works great for our child who actually is twice exceptional (social issues) but accelerated two grades. She's 11 and in 7th grade. So, she is taking high school biology and pre-algebra (we had her repeat pre-algebra from last year because we didn't think the curriculum was very rigorous at her in person school. So glad we did because we feel her understanding is much deeper this year?).  The teachers and content in every subject have been amazing.  We couldn't be happier. Good luck!