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We did not grow up here, so are unfamiliar with the Private School system in the Bay Area. Our child is currently in a public elementary school, but we are consider going private for Middle/High school. I'm not looking for "the best" school. I just need one that is a great fit for our child. I'm looking for a consultant who can tell us what schools are out there, suggest a good fit for the strength and weaknesses of our child, and then help us apply and get in. If you can recommend a consultant or a service (even a series of workshops?), it would be greatly appreciated.  

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You need Theresa Lorzac'h! With our child's strengths and weaknesses in mind, she helped us pick the perfect school out of several private and public options, and she offered support throughout the entire process, helping with applications and timing. Good Luck!

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If your child is a student of color, definitely check out A Better Chance. It's a fantastic organization and it's FREE!