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I know it's ridiculous but I am starting to seriously consider hiring a private investigator to find out what my 20 year old is doing. There are several scary signs they are up to no good, but I'd rather not list them here. My husband and I have confronted them asking them to come clean and tell us what's happening, but they keep making up stories and while we can tell they are all lies we can't know that for sure and there's no proof. I am at my wit's end and am afraid they'll end up in jail or hurt if they don't stop whatever they are doing. I have no idea what private investigator rates are, but I'd like to at least find out if there's someone like that who could help us find out once and for all what our young adult is up to and what it may cost us. 

Has anyone used a private investigator they liked?  What is a reasonable rate for one?


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I can recommend Bruce Gerstman but you need to ask yourself what you plan to do if something does turn up?  Your child is an adult, after all.  If you plan to confront them, be prepared to explain how you got that information and the loss of trust that will follow.  It's a cost benefit assessment.  On the other hand. there's nothing worse than a parent's imagination gone wild, and perhaps the information you get will ease your mind.  However, you'd need to keep your investigation a secret between you and your spouse forever.

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I personally know a private investigator. I have not worked with him, but I trust he is conscientious and through. Name is Mike Spencer, and here is his website: Good luck!

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I highly recommend Mike Spencer Investigations.  He is more through than other private investigators because he was a journalist and pays attention to details that others may overlook.
Many attorneys hire him. 

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He's an adult and entitled to his privacy.  When you say scary signs and up to no good, is he harming other people or committing serious violent crimes?    You say you are at wits end which makes it sound like you are the one who has an issue with the way he has chosen to live his life.  Instead of hiring a private investigator have you considered joining a parent's support group? Or instead of spending money on a private investigator why not spend that money on your child?  Your son to me sounds like he’s like most other twenty-year-old and is probably doing the things I was probably doing when I was his age.  This is just my opinion, see what others have to say.