Private chess coach for 5yr old

Hi, we are looking for a private chess tutor for our 5yr old, who's been consistently playing against adults. And we are hoping to develop his interest. (Yes, we are also looking into the offerings at the Berkeley Chess School).

We are flexible on weekday late afternoons or evenings and most times on the weekends. We would start on Zoom, and potentially move to in-person when it's safe to do so. 

Please send me any referrals you have! 

Thank you,


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My 8 year old twins have been taking classes and playing in tournaments at Berkeley Chess for a couple years. We have also taken lessons with Kingsland Chess via Zoom. Finally, they’ve taken lessons and played in many Mechanics Institute tournaments. If you don’t find what you want at Berkeley Chess you may want to email Kingsland or Mechanics Institute. They are all well known chess clubs in the area. Bay Area Chess is another one; it’s based in the South Bay but everything is on Zoom right now.