Primary Care Provider for Young Adults

Hi everyone.  I'm looking for a primary care provider for my 18yo son and 22yo daughter -- in theory their pediatrician will still accept them as patients, but they are mortified about the thought of sitting in a pediatrician's office.  They are just hoping to establish care with someone kind and on the younger side.  They have Anthem Blue Cross PPO as their insurance.  Any recommendations for providers in Berkeley/Albany would be highly appreciated!

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I see Dr. Deepika Ram at the Sutter East Bay location in Albany, she is a family doctor so trained in both pediatric and adult medicine. I’m in my late 30s and I would guess she is a few years younger than I am. I’ve only seen her 2 or 3 times but have had a positive experience thus far and she is in network on my Anthem/Blue Cross plan.

I highly recommend one medical on university. I am a one medical member for many years and they’re my primary doctors. They’re also a peds office, so they see family members of all ages and your kids can feel grown and in control of their own health this way.