Preschools accepting students to start in January/February

My husband and I are thinking about moving to the Berkeley/Oakland area early next year.  Our son will be 2 in November, so I was wondering if anyone knows about any preschools that accept students in the middle of the school year (January/February 2017).  Any advice and/or specific school recommendations would be much appreciated!

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I highly recommend The Model School Comprehensive at 2330 Prince Street in Berkeley, (510) 549 2719. They accept kids, 3 months to 6 years, year-round. My kids have attended Model School at every age level, and we love the school, the teachers, and the community.

Try Kika's House Family Day Care (BPN reviews here, daycare website here). It's the ideal place for a 2 year old - epitomizes all the wonderful things about living in Berkeley/Oakland - strong connection to nature and outdoor life, diversity, community, healthy food, and fun-love. The kids become a family, they learn to be kind, compassionate, and self-confident.