Preschools in Oak/Berk for 4yr olds that require masks?

We have a 4 yr old boy who had been in full time Montessori preschool pre covid however earlier this year we had a baby so in an abundance of caution we decided not to send him back in June when the school opened up because the children weren’t required to wear masks even though the staff is doing so and proper cleaning is also in effect. The school states they aren’t legally able to mandate masks for the kids due to state licensing rules. However when talking to our sons pediatrician she said there were kids at the practice who attended schools with mandatory masks in the Oakland/ Berkeley area so I’m reaching out to anyone who’s kid attends a preschool with mask requirements or knows of a school. Does this even exist? We live in the Montclair area if that matters. I feel my son needs at the very least a part time program from a structure and social aspect although he is enjoying his time at home with my husband as primary caretaker of both kids. 
I want to make sure he’s fully ready for kindergarten next year. Also if your child attends one of these schools how do they and you like it etc?

Thanks in advance for any and all your advise as it relates to this topic  

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Mi Mundo in Berkeley requires masks, they have openings. 

My 3.5 year old son attends Mi Mundo and the children and adults all wear masks. We are new to the school this year (we attend the El Cerrito location) and are very happy with the program. I would highly recommend the school based off our experiences thus far. Feel free to reach out to me offline if you have any questions.

Our wonderful Spanish immersion preschool, Mi Mundo, has openings and requires masks! My son attended when they reopened over the summer and I felt like their protocols were good - masks for all (kids could take them off if they were spaced out and outside), temp checks, lots of hand washing, etc. We were there for two years and loved it - my son made amazing art projects and learned Spanish and still talks about how much he misses it.

Hi Lisa, our son is at Step One Preschool in the Berkeley Hills where all the kids are wearing masks. They also have a fairly stringent set of safety measures in place to mitigate covid transmission. My son loves school and can't wait to go on Mondays!

Hi Lisa! Mine go to KSS Immersion Schools and I know they have a location in Oakland - Montclair! I don't know how close that is to you but they are really great!