Preschool with extended care vs. a full-time daycare

Hi BPN folks! I am starting to research the world of preschools and quickly discovering that many of them (esp. the co-ops) are part-time hours! I naively thought that pre-school would end up being cheaper than full-time in-home daycare, but this is obviously not necessarily the case. If you are in a co-op, or a more affordable preschool and also working full-time, I gather you are still supplementing with other modes of childcare. How are you making it work? Are extended hours of care at a preschool basically babysitting, or do they make it a little more structured (in your experience)? Also, our in-home daycare doesn't do partial hours, so while I could reduce the # of full days, I couldn't do half-day afternoon at the daycare, after pre-school ends. Have you found that pre-school+supplement childcare works out to be cheaper/same/more expensive than full-time daycare? This matters to me, as I weigh whether or not to put my children in preschool when they turn 3 or 4, or not at all... thanks in advance!

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