Preschool Pod - how much to pay teacher/caregiver?

Our beloved preschool has closed, and our family is looking to start a preschool pod with other families.

Total number of children would be around 3-5 kids.

Seeking advice on how much to pay? Our pod leader might be a former preschool teacher or director.

Families would host the pod and provide all the materials. Should we treat this like a share situation? Looking for advice.

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Hi, I'm so curious and thankful to see this post! We are planning to do the same! I'm both terrified and really excited.

Currently we are planning to have a much loved pre-k teacher as educator and are in the stages of imagining what our set-up will look like. We are thinking 3-4 kids, a shorter day, and wondering about $12-$15/hour per kid. (Still very much figuring out the finances of it). We are also planning to have a "guest" art teacher 2x/week. We are now planning to rotate between two homes versus staying at one and the families would provide some back-up with set-up and support if needed and provide a break for the teacher.

Writing this I realize just how much we still have to figure out but are trying to do the best we can to keep the kids engaged and socialized. Be well. :)