Preschool for my Spanish-speaking child

I'm having a VERY hard time assessing whether sending our child, who primarily speaks Spanish, to an English-speaking preschool would speed up language loss in an irreversible way, and she would not be eligible for Berkeley's public bilingual/two-way immersion elementary program. She currently only speaks Spanish, as both her parents speak Spanish to her. She hears some English, and understands several words, but has not formally learned English and does not socialize in English. We are considering a couple of Berkeley Jewish preschools (Gan Shalom, Beth El Nursery School) as well as The Berkeley School. All these schools have some staff who speak in Spanish but who regularly use English with the children. We are also considering Centro Vida in Berkeley (in Spanish). We want the best quality play-based educational environment that values community and culture, without speeding up language shift. Any other parents who have dealt with how to raise bilingual children successfully? We have found that most "Spanish-immersion" preschools in Berkeley are full of kids who don't speak Spanish at home so kids essentially don't really participate in Spanish at school or talk to each other in Spanish, and community events are in English. Additionally, there aren't that many supplemental programs right now in Spanish or that center Latinx culture.  Any advice on any of the programs we are considering, especially from Spanish-speaking families is hugely appreciated! THANKS FOR YOUR ADVICE!

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