Preschool with farm animals ?

Dear group,

Could you please share any preschools with farm animals/other animals/farm aspects that are weaved into the preschool routine and curriculum?

My daughter is very shy and animals help her very much in getting more comfortable and connecting with other kids, so would be grateful for recommendations.  It is surprisingly hard to find by googling it. 

Many thanks

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Oakland Garden School has goats, i believe! 


Hi! Likely not ideal location-wise but Connolly ranch in Napa is exactly what you’ve described. 


Oakland Garden School in Redwood Heights has goats! And Daisy Children’s Development Center (also Redwood Heights/Laurel) has goats and chickens. 


Ducks Nest on 41st had bunnies and chickens (and a tortoise) when we were there a few years back - you could call and check. Ducks Nest Berkeley had lots of chickens as well.