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We are new to the area and looking at preschool options for our 2.5 year old. We've enjoyed getting to know the folks at Room to Grow and Arbor, but haven't been able to find more comprehensive reviews. Can anyone share experiences with either?


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Our kiddo is at the 'old' Arbor location on Alvarado, up Claremont from the College Ave location that's opening now. Our location has been open since last fall. Our kiddo started a bit late in October when he was solidly 2.5yo.

I can't say enough positive things about the school, the co-founders, and the environment they've created for our covid-cloistered kiddo to explore. We really liked the director of the Alvarado location immediately, and the whole vibe in general (casual & authentic, outdoor/play based). The teachers Becky & Kelly have brought in at our location have been phenomenal - they'll have the same standards for the College Ave location. The stuff the kids do is interesting and varied. Everything from gardening, sandbox play, painting, alphabet letter discussions, books, swings, tree climbing, caterpillar & worm raising etc.etc. 

Feel free to reach out directly if you have specific questions about Arbor, and best of luck with your preschool search!