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 Berkeley-area parents: tell me about preschools with small cohorts of 6-8 and very strict community agreements to minimize exposure WITH TEETH (ie, they kick families out if they violate the agreements at all). Is it standard for a preschool to have 14-kid cohorts and to allow kids to participate in one other extracurricular activity and to screen families only for unmasked interactions greater than 15 minutes over a 24 hour period? This is what our old preschool does and it seems to me not the strictest, which is what we want.

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Honestly, that sounds pretty typical, and not unreasonable on the preschool's part--that's consistent with the recommended County guidance for school settings, and more than many preschools do. You might have the best luck with a home-based preschool that has a smaller group size, although even then I don't know that you'll find one that has much ability to monitor for the other extracurricular activities or family interactions. Much of that is necessarily trust-based. A nannyshare might be an even better option--if you can gather several like-minded families, you could set up a four-kid group and look for a nanny (or even a preschool teacher looking for a lower risk environment).