Preschool for ASD 3 year old

Hello Everyone,

My daughter was just diagnosed with ASD and I am looking for a preschool for her. We live in Richmond but are willing to drive to Albany, ElCerrito, Berkeley and Emeryville.

We've started the IEP process with our district but their program is only a few hours and we need half day to full day coverage.

Our daughter has limited speech but handles transitions pretty well and has mild behavior issues. She likes other children but keeps to herself so we're hoping school will help her build social skills.

I realize many programs are probably full now but we're willing to make our current arrangement work until the Fall.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi there! I live in Richmond and have a 4 y/o girl with ASD as well! I would definitely encourage you to work through WCCUSD and get into one of the early intervention preschools. Our daughter is in her 2nd year at the early intervention preschool for autism at Montalvin elementary in San Pablo. It is a half day, but then she gets sent by bus to a local daycare that we have a good relationship with. Even though the program through the school district is half day, we have found it SO SO helpful with our daughter! This upcoming fall she will be attending Kinder at Wilson Elementary where the autism full inclusion program for WCCUSD is. Our 9 y/o is also in the spectrum and she has absolutely thrived in this program at Wilson! Feel free to email me with any questions or advice. I'm in the midst of it :) Cheers!  debg325 [at]