Preschool in Albany/Berkeley with current opening

Hi all, 

My 3 year old son has stayed home since last March and thus has become too attached to me. I really need to enroll him in a fun, play-based preschool now. Can you recommend any schools with current opening?



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Hi, I just did a lot of research about preschools, and it's hard to find places with openings. I think Cornerstone Children's Center in Berkeley has openings. I have a couple friends who send their kids there and really like it. Also I think Claremont Day Nurseries has openings too, but I don't know anyone who has sent their kid their. Good luck. Hopefully your kid will have a great time getting to hang out with other kids and go to big kid school. 

I’m in the exact same situation!!! Most of the places that we’re looking at are opening in the fall. I think most preschools are by semester. I think there’s some day cares with younger babies and toddlers that have openings all the time though. A lot of the places that we’ve looked at have waiting lists. So we’ve gotten on a ton of waiting list!! Until fall, we’re trying to get creative and looking for other families that would be interested in sharing some backyard play time/care giving. Let me know if you’re interested!! 

Check the list on BPN of Preschools & Daycares with Openings.  These are facilities that subscribe to BPN and post openings as they come up.  Most preschools that target 3 and 4 year olds operate on a school-year schedule and will not have openings until the fall, but home-based daycares often have immediate openings and many of them offer a program that's very similar to a preschool.