Pre-paid Credit Card for Household Helper a Good Idea?

Looking to hire a household manager/helper who will, among other responsibilities, help with grocery shopping and errands.  Looking for tips on the best way to reimburse them for items they buy for us - don't want to use cash (harder to track from a household budget perspective, starts becoming a lot of cash, etc.), but heard that if I use venmo/paypal, that it could count as earned income for them.  Is a pre-paid credit card the way to go?  Would welcome other suggestions.  Many thanks.

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If you have the level of trust necessary, you could add them as an authorized user to one of your credit cards, make clear what type of purchases are and are not allowed, and require receipts.

Back when I had babysitters who also ran errands for me, I just let them use my credit card, on the theory that, if I was trusting the person with my child, I could trust them with my credit card.  Most places don't ask for ID.  I never had a problem.  

Many credit cards let you request a card with someone else's name on it.