Pre-Martial Arts Class for Preschooler

Our about to turn 4 year old has been watching her brother's karate class for a while now, and really wants to learn some moves herself. I know that there is a pre-judo class for this age at Hanabi Judo, but I am curious about what other preschool age martial arts classes are around the Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito area. I know she is too young for formal training, but think she would love something where she can run and roll and learn some stances to feel like her big brother (his school doesn't take them until 7). Thanks!

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Studio Naga has a great "Jungle Gym" program for pre-school kids.  The staff is amazing and the classes are fun -- as well as constructive.  Kids learn animal movements of the art as well as strikes (formal training aspect I think you're talking about) which are done in the air or into pads.  The Jungle Gym program has been around for 11 years and many of the Jungle Gym graduates are now in the kids program.

Your daughter can try out a class to see if she likes it.  

Studio Naga, / 510.652.6242