Pre-fab in law

Does anyone have experience with installation of pre-fab units? We are interested in installing a unit in our yard with a studio and bathroom. Hoping someone has recommendations for a company or any other insight which would also be appreciated.

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Hi, we asked a similar (ish) question on BPN several years ago, and someone responded that they had used a backyard shed (by I don't recall the company name) and hired a contractor to "upgrade" it, and liked it - you might look for that older question and replies. Would have been asking about ADU's, backyard cottages, or granny flats. 

We've now started down that road, but are hiring a contractor to do a design/build for us (so not a fancy shed). Just at the beginning of the process, so no real insight to give. There are a couple of pretty high priced companies that specialize in the burgeoning ADU scene; we found one who charges less; the proof will be in the pudding of course once the unit is built. 

I recall we found a company or two that specialized in the "prebuilt"; the name Summerwood comes to mind. But it was hard to figure out where we might see their models, visit an already-built structure, and determine whether savings would actually accrue by going prebuilt. We are happy to be using a design more of our choosing. At the time, googling prebuilt backyard cottages found quite a few options; fewer that worked in California 

Best of luck in determining which way to go. You are joining LOTS of families doing the same thing in Berkeley now.