Possibility to transfer to Michelle Obama

Hello everyone, 

My daughter will be entering 2nd grade fall 2023, any feedback about the school is appreciated. We have a tour of the school coming up, but would love to hear more!! :)

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Hi welcome to MO school!! I have a daughter and 6th and 2nd and have been a member of the Michelle Obama Community since my older daughter was in kindergarten. We have found Michelle Obama to be a very welcoming and accepting school. It has excellent teachers and active, approachable leadership with Ms Velez & Dr Hester. I am a member of the PTA and it is a wonderful way to get to know fellow parents and we are always looking for help. :) Feel free to email if I can be of further help. Welcome! :)

PS I just saw a post on our local next door page saying they have a child entering 2nd and looking for friends. I can put you in touch if you would like?