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My junior college student is home this coming fall, taking online classes at SDSU and is looking for an internship opportunity. She is passionate about equality and has taken many classes on the matter. Would you know of organizations she could contact? We live in Walnut Creek but she is able to commute.  Thank you.

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I am from  “UC Berkeley Asian American Women project” . This projects is to honor the 150th Anniversary of Women at UC Berkeley. I will work with Renee Sung on the history of Asian American women, from students to faculty and staff.  https://nature.berkeley.edu/news/2020/05/professor-emerita-receives-scheiber-emeriti-faculty-research-grant
If you are interested, welcome to contact us.  yuancherry [at] berkeley.edu

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I volunteer with the Coalition for Police Accountability in Oakland. They get a tremendous amount done and are happy to turn over real responsibility to anyone who is doing work. We often talk about how much fun it is to be so impactful and collaborate with thoughtful, innovative people that represent many different communities. There are several projects right now. If your daughter is looking for credit, we have written up internships and research projects in the past and worked with schools to ensure it qualifies. We don't actively post internships, because we can't pay and don't like unpaid internships since they are not equally available to everyone, but we would welcome your daughter. We interact (obviously) with the police dept, fire dept, dept of violence prevention, mayor's office, police commission, etc. It's poly sci on a local level, with national implications. Happy to talk about specific projects (Use of Force, alternative responses to emergency calls, and policing in unhoused communities are examples) right now. (We're kind of cutting edge on police accountability nationally.) contact:  rashidah AT  coalitionforpoliceaccountability.com