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Does anyone have experience installing a play-set or swing set in a sloped yard? We want to install one in our sloped yard and are wondering if anyone had any experience doing this. Or do you have experience hiring someone you recommend to install and landscape?

Thank you!

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We researched extensively to build a swing in our little sloped backyard. Most carpenters / builders were not willing to do a custom job. The kits you buy from Home Depot or others do not recommend building on a slope. We ended up leveling a part of our yard, put in sod, and then building a small frame which we are now using for 2 swings. We plan to use the frame for a bench swing when kids are older. For the other side of the yard near the retaining wall, we used the natural slope to install a slide. Due to budget and space issue, we were not able to put in a tree house, but I wish I could. We sacrificed some of the patio space where we could lounch for play space but we saved a little patio space for dining, and we are happy that kids can climb, swing and slide. There was no way our little backyard could accomodate any of the pre-fab kits. So, we broke each component down and used different corners of the yard for different parts. Many warned us that we were spending way too much money for just a few years of use as kids grow up fast. With the pandemic, we are very glad that we did this even if kids grow out all of this in a year or two.

RE: Playset for sloped yard ()

We just did one in our very sloped yard. Hugo Cano did it and it is terrific! I can pm you his contact and pictures of the yard