Play-based daycare/preschool in North Oakland or South Berkeley?

Hello, I am looking for a daycare or preschool program where my daughter can attend from age 2 until TK.  It seems like many of the programs are either half days or don't start until age 3 and I would like to minimize transitions for her and us.  Ideally we are looking for something play-based with lots of outdoor time, perhaps Waldorf-inspired or with an emergent curriculum when it's developmentally appropriate.  Location in Rockridge, Piedmont, North Oakland, or South Berkeley would be great.  We are planning to get on waitlists now (i.e., we don't need a current opening).  Thanks so much.  

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Duck's Nest, KSS Spanish Immersion, Heart's Leap to name a few. We looked into Duck's Nest specifically because it offers a TK program. 

Hearts Leap! The Hearts Leap Beginnings program starts with infants. My son is currently in the 2-year-old classroom. Then they graduate to the preschool the year they turn 3. It's in the Julia Morgan Theater on College Ave. near Elmwood. They are play-based and focus on the kids social and emotional development. They definitely have a waiting list. 

Hi! We sent both our boys to preschool at Duck's Nest in the Piedmont Ave neighborhood, on 41st and Gilbert. It's a wonderful school. The teachers are experienced and caring, there is not very much turnover (as compared to other schools I've heard about?) and Ducks Nest has been around forever. There are a few campuses in the East Bay - the 41st street would be closest to you, and there is also one on Telegraph and another in West Berkeley. I don't really have anything negative to say about the school, except perhaps I wish it were cheaper? Ha, that would go for every preschool in the Bay Area. They do offer financial aid if you qualify. They start accepting kids at 2 years old and they don't need to be potty trained. They are play-based and spend a good amount of time outside every day. Ducks Nest was one of the best parenting decisions we've made - hands down. Contact the school for dates, in terms of tours, applications, etc. Good luck!

We love Step One School in Berkeley and they have a 2s classroom. North Berkeley though.