Planned C-sections at Alta Bates in Berkeley

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I haven't seen this question posed yet and hope I am not repeating something already answered. I would appreciate hearing people's experiences with planned c-sections at Alta Bates in Berkeley. How did you feel the c-sections went? How was the medical team? How was your stay at the hospital in recovery? Was your OB/GYN supportive? Would you recommend a different hospital (our insurance is with Sutter Health) for a planned c-section? Any recommendations on supportive OB/GYNs would be greatly appreciated as well.

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Hi there, congratulations on expecting a little one! I had a semi-planned C-section at Alta Bates about 4 years ago, and it went very well. I say "semi-planned" because the date was indeed planned, except that I started having contractions earlier and ended up going to the hospital prior to the scheduled date and had the C-section right away (my baby was breech, and apparently very few hospitals in the area, except perhaps UCSF, will even attempt a breech delivery). I was happy with the whole experience. Dr. Rudd is the doctor who opened me up, and everything went well. We spent 4 days at the hospital, and the care during these days was also very good (well, there are very good and not-so-very-good nurses, of course, but I'm sure it's the same everywhere). A C-section is major surgery, so expect longer recovery times compared to "natural" delivery. Compared to many of my girlfriends, who recovered physically within days or perhaps a couple weeks - it took me three months to start feeling like myself again (not aching too much, feeling like I could move around without too much trouble). Of course, everyone is different - I may just be slow at healing... But it is definitely a factor to consider, especially if you do not have that much time off of work. Now that I am expecting my second, I am again planning to deliver at Alta Bates (I like most of the OBs there) - and even though I'd like to try for a VBAC, I won't be as distressed if I have to do a C-section, since I know the process and I had a good experience there. Good luck!