Planned c-section/ECV experience at Kaiser Walnut Creek

Hi everyone, 

I am almost 37 weeks and our first baby is still in the breech position. We chose Walnut Creek L&D and hired a midwife, because we wanted to try unmedicated vaginal birth.

Now that plan seems to be out of question. Anyone has any experiences with a planned c-section or an ECV at Kaiser WC? Do they allow "gentle" c-sections there? 

What doctor did you have? 

Thanks a lot!

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*a doula, sorry. 

Hi! We just had an ECV at Kaiser Walnut Creek yesterday. Similarly, we had planned an unmedicated vaginal birth but baby girl is breech. Our ECV was unsuccessful but I'm very glad we tried it. I had a good experience overall, there were moments that were painful but I breathed through it and the actual procedure only took a few minutes. We saw Dr. Kneitel for the ECV and she was fine, I heard good things about Dr. Edgard Sanchez but he was on vacation. If you haven't already scheduled it, when they offer you appt times (I was given 2 options) I'd suggest asking who each ECV would be with. When they offered me times I noted down the names and then looked up both their bios, and called Kaiser back to confirm which doc I wanted. Both of the docs I looked at seemed fine based on their bios and ultimately I just took the sooner appt since my midwife wanted me to do it as close to 37 weeks as possible. 

My midwife has told me that Kaiser delays cord clamping for about a minute after the c section, and will bring baby to you after a quick weigh. She also thinks that they lower the drape for you so you can see baby being born. But my midwife works outside of Kaiser so I want to confirm this with my Kaiser team. 

Best wishes for your ECV! 

Hi you can still do an unmedicated birth if your ECV is successful. They do hurt but very rarely would lead to a complication. The biggest risk is it doesnt work. You just want someone strong to do it. Most places don’t give a choice of MDs, its whoever is in that day that does procedures

Hey! I had a planned C Section at Kaiser WC in April of 2021. I had a wonderful experience (well, as wonderful as a c section can be!) I felt very confident in every single one of my team’s skills, from my nurse, to the anesthesiologist, to the surgeon. Everything that I had originally intended to ask for on my ‘birth plan’ was their standard procedure, such as delayed cord clamping and skin to skin. They did offer to let me see the birth but I declined, as I am pretty queasy! Recovery was straightforward as well with minimal pain- we left the hospital less than 48 hours after intake. I really hope that you are able to proceed with the original plan for your birth, but if that does not pan out, I hope your experience is as good as mine! Good luck! 

Also- for what it is worth my surgeon was Shukla and my anesthesiologist was Lee. However, they were who happened to be at the hospital when I was scheduled- I didn’t choose them (although I will be seeing if I can schedule with them for my next planned section.)


HI!  I had a planned c-section at Oakland Kaiser.  My baby girl was also breech.  I have told this story soooo many times that i almost have it memorized but i'll give you the shortened version.  I went in for an ECV at 37 weeks, against my sister in laws recommendation as she went in for one and had to have an emergency c-section right then and there!  But, I was willing to give it a try, reluctantly.  Before the procedure they have you lay for quite a while to monitor the baby's heart rate and monitor you.  During this monitoring period the baby's hear rate dropped briefly then returned to normal.  When the doctor came in and noticed she said, oh, the baby's heart rate dropped, so the ECV might be too risky so we should just give you a c-section right now!  I was stunned.  I didn't have plans to have my baby right then and there.  Our dog was at home alone with no one to feed or let her out.  We had a pizza delivery planned cuz i was starving! (you have to fast for 6 hours).  I didn't have an employee set to work my business.  Nothing was planned.  So, I said no.  When the doctor left in order to consult with other doctors on the mattter, we asked the nurse what she thought.  She looked at the chart that showed the dip in heart rate and said it looked like i had a braxton hicks contraction causing the dip and the doctor was just being (overly) cautions as everything looked tip top with the baby now.  So when the doctor came back to say that they think i should have the c-section i insisted that i was not going to have the c-section nor the ECV as i felt they were pretty intent on giving me a c-section one way or another right then and there.  The doctor reluctanly let me leave but i had to sign a form saying they weren't responsible and i had to return in 3 days to monitor the baby.  I did so and the baby was fine, so we scheduled the c-section for 2 weeks later and let me tell you, it was a breeze!  The surgeon and team were amazing and made me so comfortable.  The worst part is getting the spinal, but once that was over the procedure was quick.  Recovery was also a breeze, in my opinion.  They get u up and walking pretty quickly.  I was home on Monday (my procedure was Saturday morning) and i was taking a little walk on the lake by Thursday.  The more you move, the faster you recover.  If i had to do it over (which i actually did have a second elective c-section with my now 1 year old) i would NOT have the ECV again and just go with the c-section.  Happy to talk further as my experience was so great at Kaiser and recovery from both c-sections were a breeze!  My scar was minimal and i loved it, haha.  It was a little reminder of my cherished, healthy baby girl!