Place to donate gently used nice women's clothing

I would like to donate some very nice and very lightly used women's clothing. The items are mostly professional. Ideally, they would go to a battered women's shelter or an organization that helps low-income women prepare for the workforce or something like that. I know of the many non-profit thrift stores in the area, but I am looking for an option where the items go directly to those in need. I also use Freecycle, but this is a rather different circumstance, though Freecycle will be my default if I cannot find an appropriate venue for their donation. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Beyond Emancipation accepts professional clothes to support young people transitioning out of the foster care system.

I'd like to recommend the White Pony Express Free General Store. They only take donations of clothing in very good condition--the standard is "Is this of a quality you would give to a friend or your own children?" They distribute clothing and other items throughout Contra Costa County in Mobile Boutiques "where a crew of dozens of volunteers create a special store-like shopping experience right in the heart of the communities most in need."  Interview and work attire is a priority, and they also have a Cold Weather Clothing Program. More info:

Oakland Elizabeth House is a wonderful charity that provides housing and assistance to women who have experienced homelessness, violence and drug addiction.  

Brighter Beginnings.  

fyi... if any of it is dry clean only, then you need to be specific where you give.  low income folks need wash & wear clothing, not something that requires financial maintenance is a consideration.  targeting a return to workforce org sounds like a great idea.  surely someone will post some.  nice for you to do this!

BOSS (Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency)  in Berkeley does job training and employment counseling, and accepts "work appropriate clothing."