Place to buy a nice couch for not too much

We have purchased all of our previous couches at thrift shops, on Craigslist, or at yard sales, when we haven't gotten them for free... But we are now in need of a new one, and we are feeling like it might be time to purchase a new ("reasonably priced!") one.

It would be amazing if it was organic (but, given our budget, this is unlikely). We've had microfiber in the past, which has worked well for easy cleaning and comfort, but definitely open to other suggestions, provided the couch is comfortable. Would love to buy local and purchase one that is made in the USA or a labor-friendly country. We'd like to spend less than $2,000. This will (hopefully) be the couch that lasts a lifetime! Thank you for the suggestions.

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Hello! It is a bit of a drive, and I'm not entirely sure about the USA made/labor practices, but, the Crate and Barrel outlet in Tracey has excellent furniture, and at incredible discounts (way better discounts and far greater selection than the Berkeley location).

We got 2 couches we like a lot at Z Gallerie on 4th Street in Berkeley for a fairly reasonable price - it wasn't a place that was on my radar, but we were walking by and liked what we saw in the window. I think it was around this time last year when we bought, too, so look out for a year-end sale. It's held up well so far to daily use by 3 kids.

Of course it depends on your personal style, but we've always loved shopping at Room & Board for furniture. You can select the upholstery options and although some items there are expensive, we got a great sofa for around $1,600. Their products are all made in the US and hold up great. They are not the most local and only have some organic options, but I thought I would at least give you the suggestion to check out!

EQ3 in Emeryville. High quality and made in Canada ethically, they even each have the name of the person that made them carved into the wood. We bought the floor model to get a discount and we love our couch. 

We bought a couch this year that we are very happy with from Alpha Design (corner of San Pablo and University) in Berkeley. You can choose from many styles and fabrics. The couches are made in L.A.

I have been so pleased with our couch from EQ3! Canadian company. More responsible and greener production and it has really held up well. Another good one to look into is Interior Define. 

Pottery Barn has an outlet in Alameda that has a great selection of upholstered furniture, a lot of it is made in the USA - North Carolina. You can check the tags and they usually are offering at least 20% off the ticketed price.