Pizza [Catering] near Berkeley for 4 year old birthday!

Hi BPN! Thank you in advance for all/any help.

We are hosting my kiddo's 4th birthday at a kids yoga studio. We are newish to the area so I wanted to touch base re good pizza catering options (preferably something not too expensive). Let me know any ideas, much much appreciated!

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I ordered pizzas from Whole Foods for my daughter's birthday. They were reasonably priced and good. You need to call the store to make the order (they don't seem to have an on-line option) and you also have to go pick them up at the store.

The CheeseBoard, of course! One of the top pizzerias in the country and one of the most beloved east bay institutions! If you’re ordering more than 6 pizzas, call in your order. They also have great beverages, salad, cookies, and don’t forget the green sauce for the pizza!

I have been to many a kids' birthday party where there was Costco pizza for the kids and something else fancier for the adults (or just light snacks for the adults... depends on time of day). People like Cheeseboard/Arizmendi and Gioia for the fancy pizza.