Piedmont School District and special needs / ADHD

Hi there, 

Our family is considering a possible move from Berkeley to PUSD with our 2 kids, the 9 year-old of whom has ADHD and an IEP, which we feel is being lovingly addressed and attended to in Berkeley Unified.

Private school is not an option ($$) and I am curious how our child's needs would be attended to and held in PUSD.

My child is a bright, strong reader, competent mathematician and very very weak/challenged writer (a lot of which I attribute to pandemic-related learning loss/family dynamics) who struggles with impulse control and social pragmatics. Loves music (as a 4th grader will choose an instrument in BUSD this year, so I'm also looking for info about the PUSD music program).

Any windows into PUSD experience dealing with these sorts of challenges and info about music&extra/special subjects would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi - we are in PUSD and my middle schooler is neurodiverse.  It was a fight to get them an IEP (some friends have gotten one without a problem and others, like us, have struggled) but once we got the IEP we have been happy with the services provided at the middle school. The counselors and teachers at the middle school have been wonderful imo.  The elementary and middle school music teacher, Samatha Wild, (she teaches elementary, middle and high school) is PHENOMENAL and incredibly caring and supportive of our kid.  My child isn't gifted or especially interested in music but continues to be involved in the music program because the teacher is so wonderful.  I'd be happy to chat with you if you want to message me privately.