Piedmont Elementary Schools and Community

We are considering a move to Piedmont and hoping to learn more about the elementary schools and communities feeding into each, generally speaking.  We have active two boys—one maybe presenting with some challenges around learning, but nothing diagnosed. Any thoughts on Piedmont elementary schools? We are also a two-mom family, and not familiar with the community, so hoping to find a welcoming group. 
Any of the three elementary schools standout? Strengths? Challenges?I've heard positive things about Principals at all three...how about Staff (especially Kindergarten teachers) who might be particularly great?Parent communities in the three different areas?After-school program differences?Other things to consider? Thanks!

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Hi! We currently live in piedmont - my husband and his siblings went through elementary through hs in piedmont. 

Since our little one is still young, I don’t have much to add at the moment but wanted to say we are always open to connecting to new families in town :) let me know if you have any questions I can pass on to my husband