Piedmont Elementary Schools and Community

We are considering a move to Piedmont and hoping to learn more about the elementary schools and communities feeding into each, generally speaking.  We have active two boys—one maybe presenting with some challenges around learning, but nothing diagnosed. Any thoughts on Piedmont elementary schools? We are also a two-mom family, and not familiar with the community, so hoping to find a welcoming group. 
Any of the three elementary schools standout? Strengths? Challenges?I've heard positive things about Principals at all three...how about Staff (especially Kindergarten teachers) who might be particularly great?Parent communities in the three different areas?After-school program differences?Other things to consider? Thanks!

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Hi! We currently live in piedmont - my husband and his siblings went through elementary through hs in piedmont. 

Since our little one is still young, I don’t have much to add at the moment but wanted to say we are always open to connecting to new families in town :) let me know if you have any questions I can pass on to my husband 

We have first hand experience at 2 of the elementary schools in Piedmont:  Beach and Havens.  Both currently have strong principals.  We have heard great things about Wildwood from friends.  I think each school has its strengths.  Generally, Beach and Wildwood have been perceived as "better" in that they are smaller and have had very strong principals and teachers for many years.  Havens is larger and is on its 3rd principal in a decade.  The current principal is very good, but inherited some challenges (which she has been adept at addressing).  So far at Beach, we have heard only very positive things about the teachers, and our direct experiences for our child have been very good to great.  The schools feel a bit different because of size differences as well as the demographics of the communities.  Beach and Wildwood are so much smaller that there are typically only 2 sections of each grade versus 3 at Havens.  For us, that helped build more connections for our children and for us with other parents.  In the past, Beach was the go-to school in Piedmont for learning challenges, but that has changed and all of the schools are equipped to handle students with challenges.  

While there is diversity at each of the schools, Havens serves the more affluent section of Piedmont.  More people with inherited wealth.  More non-working spouses.  Less academically focused families. In contrast, Beach has far more families with 2 working parents, and often working professionals (I think there are about 10 doctors among my child's classmates' parents).  More children within walking distance of the school.  The Beach community is a bit tighter, in our experience than was Havens.  This may reflect that the community is smaller and people live in a more dense/urban section of town.  That said, Piedmont is a small town, and children from all schools participate together in athletics and other activities (and come together for middle school).  We know a handful of two-mom families, but the community is small in Piedmont. 

In general, children are enrolled based on where they live, but there are occasions when they move kids to different schools to balance enrollment.  (So, don't get too fixated on a particular school).  

I think the general sentiment is that all 3 schools are excellent and most are happy to send their children to any one of them.  At Beach, both kinder teachers are very well regarded.  I think any 2 mom families would be warmly welcomed - it would be a non-issue in my opinion.  It's a very nice community where most families have moved there for the schools so the focus and emphasis is on the kids (in a good way).