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My son is #4 on the waitlist for the TK program at Piedmont Ave Elementary. I haven't visited the school yet and am quite far down on the waitlist for other Oakland schools. Has anyone sent their kids there? Please let me know feedback if possible. 

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If Ms. Drake is still the TK teacher at Piedmont Ave. elementary, I wholeheartedly recommend the school. We did TK at PAES with Ms. Drake and we had a great experience. She is such an amazing and warm teacher. TK class was very diverse and TK parents tend to have more resources and were supportive. Any supply that the teacher needed was promptly provided by parents. The classroom is nice and big with ample play areas. The teacher was beyond patient with our child who had a tough time transitioning from Regio Emilio preschool to traditional school.  we did not stay beyond TK as we live closer to our catchment school which doesn’t have TK. our child was fully prepared for K from day 1. 

if public schools is what you are choosing, PAES TK with Ms. Drake is among the best.