Pickleball for adults who are novices?

Hi everyone, I'm looking to learn pickleball in a group with other adults. I've played a few times and I love it! Does anyone know of a group or class in Richmond/El Cerrito/Albany/North Berkeley? I've poked around but I'm only finding options farther south.

Many thanks!

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Coach Michele teaches beginning & intermediate through the City of El Cerrito, in 4 week sessions. It's pretty strenuous but a good class.

Hello! I'm in the same boat! I've seen beginner pickleball classes offered through the City of Berkeley and El Cerrito I believe, possibly Richmond, but the schedule unfortunately did not work for me. Good luck!

The Berkeley YMCA has pickleball on Mondays from 9-11 am. I believe you have to have a membership but it’s not too pricey if you go every week.

The Albany YMCA periodically hosts pickleball clinics for beginners

The Albany Y has beginning pickleball classes for EastBay Y members. I've not tried it, but I have seen the sign for it.