Piano & Violin lessons for 6 yr old

Hello everyone! My 6 yr old has had some piano lessons since last summer. (1) I am thinking about switching to Suzuki method. Should I? p.s. I am also interested in learning with her. (2) Any teacher (suzuki method) recommendations? (3) She is also interested in playing the violin. Is it at all a good idea to do them at the same time? (4) Any teacher or school recommendations to do them together? We live in southeast Berkeley. Thanks so much!

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I can only reply to your question about piano. My son took lessons from Ernie Mansfield in north Berkeley from the time he was three to about nine. It is not Suzuki but he does a wonderful job with new learners and also teaches adults. He uses a fun series of books that include music theory but also will help the student learn music of their own choosing. He holds twice yearly recitals which are always fun and low stress for the kids. He teaches piano, flute, sax, guitar, clarinet, and is himself an accomplished jazz musician. His prices were very reasonable and his house is right near the North Berkeley BART.  http://www.mansfieldmusic.com/