Piano teacher who will teach in my home

Would love to hear recommendations for piano teacher who can come to my home in N. Oakland and teach all three of my kids (ages ranging from age 4 to 12). Thanks

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Our fabulous teacher, Dolores Shotten, works wonderfully with very young students through adults. Now that my daughter is a high school senior, they have become friends. She is kind, positive, enthusiastic, and fun. She also starts teaching music theory when students are very young. Message me for her number. 

I recommend Scott Fleming. He's been teaching my boys for several years now. He has taught them with a great mix of classical, jazz, and pop, mixing in improvising, sight reading, and music theory along the way. He holds recitals twice a year for all his students so they get experience performing too. Patient, fun, reliable, great teacher. 510-849-2086.

We have had Dusan Chae as a piano teacher for the past 4 years. He's been a wonderful teacher: calm and has helped my son to not only gain technical proficiency but also, more importantly, to be able to think about how to make music more than a bunch of notes. I am currently listening to beautiful renditions of moonlight sonata played by my otherwise typical teenage son (not that emotionally expressive), and it's a beautiful thing. Very easy to communicate with, very reasonable fees and accommodating. I would highly recommend him!

Dusan Chae has been our piano teacher for 6 years for two of our children. He comes to our house and has been a great teacher. He is patient and passionate and our kids enjoyed learning with him. You can reach him at soundIn2Time [at] gmx.com

Hello, we live in Berkeley and have loved having Dusan Chae come to our home and teach both our children for the last 5 years, our son is 12 and our daughter is 8.  Dusan has a gentle, patient yet directed and meticulous approach to teaching which works wonders in getting children of all ages, abilities and temperaments to achieve their highest potential in piano, we thoroughly enjoyed watching our children grow and blossom under his instruction.  We were so impressed with his work that we recommended him to several other families who now work with him and are equally impressed. Please contact him at: soundIn2Time [at] gmx.com.

We would like to recommend a wonderful teacher, Dusan Chae. Our son has been taking piano lessons from Mr. Chae since 2012, and we have been impressed with his patience, musical knowledge, gentle approach, and consistency.

It's a pleasure to hear how much he has progressed over the years, the beautiful pieces he can now play, and see how Mr. Chae's lessons have expanded his love and appreciation for music. Mr. Chae's email address is: soundin2time [at] gmx.com 

Best of luck! :-)