Piano teacher who teaches weekends

Any recommendations for a piano teacher who teaches weekends near Berkeley & are good with kids? (Home instruction is a plus, but that may be asking too much!) My child is intermediate level. Thanks! 

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This is not a recommendation for a specific teacher, but the Crowden School (at Rose/Sacramento in Berkeley) does offer Saturday classes. There are multiple piano teachers. My kids have been taking piano lessons at Crowden for several years, and we are very happy there.

Janet Somers in Rockridge has taught our 11-year-old daughter on Sundays for years and our daughter loves her! Her number is 510-990-2152.  I don't think she goes to houses and I'm not sure whether she teaches on Saturdays.

We highly recommend Cynthia Bythell. She teaches piano in her home near the West Berkeley Bowl (http://cynthiabythellmusic.com/). Our daughter has been taking piano lessons with her for four years, since age 10, but she works with very young students too. She is patient and kind but also firm and has high standards -- our daughter has made great progress. We are actually giving up our very convenient 10am Saturday spot because our daughter is going to Germany for a year, so you might be able to grab it! Note: parents are required to attend the lesson. At first I thought this would be a hassle but I actually love it, it's a peaceful part of my week. You can see more reviews for Cynthia if you check her out on Yelp. Best of luck!

Suzy Loper