Piano lessons for 6 year old


I'm looking for some piano teacher recommendations for my 6 year old son (who has no prior music experience). I'd prefer private lessons, in the Oakland/Berkeley area. Thanks so much!

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I highly recommend Kirah Caminos kjcaminos [at] gmail.com. Kirah has been teaching  our 7 year old daughter for over a year. I love that she also works on singing and rhythm in addition to piano. Kirah is a mom of 3 boys, and has taught music and dance in schools and camps for years. My daughter adores her and looks forward to every lesson. 

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I highly recommend our piano teacher, Susan Keiter.  She has been wonderful about making piano fun for our kids, coaching them in ways that are both supportive and encourage them to push themselves.  I've seen both kids make huge strides--even though they are very different in personality and approach (my eldest is a nose to the grindstone kid, while my youngest needs to be inspired to work).  Here is the link to her site:  https://susankeitermusic.com/.