Physical Therapy for Young Athlete with Herniated Disk

Our 19-year old all-around athlete and surfer has been diagnosed with a herniated disc in the lumbar region.  Surgery doesn't seem to be an option.  We're looking for a sports medicine physical therapy practice where he could devote the summer to working on this injury and getting back his ability to engage in sports.  

Thanks for your recommendations.  

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Hello!! I'm so sorry to hear about your child's herniated disc. I also had the same condition after having 4 babies in 3 years. I am a healthcare industry executive and lived in pain for years until I couldn't take it anymore. There is a world renown regenerative medicine sports medicine physician in Napa named Dr. Marko Bodor who has pioneered Platelet Rich Plasma injections of the disc. As the disc is an avascular structure (no direct blood supply), it is very difficult or impossible for it to heal on its own. Dr. Bodor's team has led cutting-edge research for a single injection of your own platelets (from your own blood) to the disc. It heals and regenerates the tissue.

I had this done 1.5 years ago on my L5-S1 and it changed my life. My disc has not only healed, I am back to running, yoga, plyometrics, and playing on the floor with my kids. Dr. Bodor treats many world renown athletes, olympians, and laypeople with sports injuries. He changed my life. UCSF Spine Center was recommending invasive spinal surgery (a fusion) which is extreme and would be an absolute last resort, especially for a young healthy person. I am SO GLAD I found Dr. Bodor first.

I am happy to talk to you about my experience and to connect you with him and his team. It is a simple day trip to Napa and an injection done under ultrasound or x-ray guidance. I am extremely particular about my physicians and healthcare providers (I've worked at large hospitals such as Stanford Healthcare and Cedars-Sinai) and Dr. Bodor is second to none. 

Good luck - there is hope!