Physical Therapy for Hip Replacement

I had a major hip surgery a year ago and have not fully recovered my mobility while working with Kaiser Oakland PT. I'm looking for a Physical Therapist who you think is the best, and can help patients move through feeling stuck on the road to recovery. I'm hoping to find someone who can start and continue work with COVID precautions. Thanks for any ideas.

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I had hip replacement surgery a year ago and highly recommend Sol Pt in Oakland.  

Looks up Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), David Weinstock, based in Marin. He is extraordinary! Not a physical therapist, but you'll get the idea of what he does via his website.

I've seen him for knee problems but took my childhood friend to see him about double hip replacements last year. David doesn't want to keep seeing you - he figures out what's firing, what's not and what to do about it. Then you'll have simple exercises to do once or twice a day. 

Good luck! Tell him Mady sent you :)