Physical activities for teens??

My 13 year old is getting harder and harder to separate from a screen. I'd love to find some sort of organized activity for him. He's not sporty - so nothing involving a ball. Martial arts, rock climbing, mountain biking...something along those lines. A running club would be great as well. What are your teens doing?

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We recently started with Running Raptors

Try sailing! Our teen goes to Encinal yacht Club in Alameda. there are 1 and 2 person boats. They are outside the whole time. I think winter sign ups are soon. You do not have to be a member of the yacht club to sail. 

I have a 13 yr old, 10 yr old, and 5 yr old who all go to Studio Naga.  There are online classes and in-person, socially distanced, no contact classes outdoors in Doyle Hollis park in Emeryville. In addition to martial arts training, they have us running on our off-days.  It's a lot of physical activity, and helps neutralize the screen time.